China Camp State Park is a historic Chinese American Shrimp Fishing village located on San Pablo Bay in San Rafael, Ca. This was an actual working site in the late 1800's nearly 500 people lived in the village. The site is very photogenic with a lot to see and capture.

The Class

We will arrive at dawn to hopefully capture the best light, this location is also foggy sometimes which make for great B&W photos. We will work on exposure settings and other manual controls to ensure the best quality image. We will also cover composition, focus,depth of field, sharpness,metering modes, how to use your histogram to ensure a proper exposure, and using filters and answering any questions you may have.


Saturday April 23rd

The class will begin at location at 6:30am till 9:00am

6 people max

$60.00 per person

Please contact me with any questions 

Recommended Gear

When shooting Landscape Photography I highly recommend bringing a sturdy tripod and some kind of shutter release, either wireless or wired. If you do not have a shutter release it is not a big deal we can use the in camera settings to release the shutter. 


There will be no refunds after signing up if for any reason class is canceled you will be eligible for another workshop

(Payment must be in full prior to workshop)